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Guardian Angel 2
Angel Chapter TwoThe
Degrees russian free girles of Fun and dangerWe pulled up the guy's hotel, and
went to their floor. I left Jeff to see the other guys I walked up to one door
it was Nick's room.I knocked on the Door."Who is it?" I heard Nick ask"Room service," I replied in my best female voice"I am good," Nick said through the door."Are you sure I have new sheets, fresh towels, new rolls
of toilet paper?" I asked"I am good," Nick reiterated."Are you afraid what I might find on those sheets?" I
askedI heard a couple doors open both Drew and Justin were
looking out their doors. It looked like Justin was about to say something but
kept his lips sealed."That none of your business," Nick said sounding annoyedI had to stifle my laughter I turned to sex russian women see Drew and
Justin doing the same thing.I then asked, "So how many boys are in there sleeping with
you?"The door flew open with Nick yelling, "Now that is going
too far!"As soon as he saw russian gay porn xxx
me his jaw dropped and his face turning
every shade of russian fuck dolls red in the color wheel.I broke into a hysterical laughter Jeff had just exited
his room to see Nick towering over me.It was then I could smell his breath I could smell the
alcohol on his breath. I then looked into his eyes I could see the pain in them
whatever happened to him he was to hided it although I don't know if his band
mates knew anything about it I suspected they did.I noticed both Drew and Justin on
the floor laughing so hard that they had tears streaming out of their Eyes,"Howdy Nick fancy seeing you those shades of red." I
cackled"I was yelling at a very rude Maid," Nick said trying to
apologizes"Well there no one but us chickens out here Nick you must
have been hearing things," I smiledIt took him a minute then he asked, "That was you wasn't
it?""Hummmmmmmm it a possibility," I littel russians photos free replied in by best Bugs
Bunny view russian girls impersonation.It took Nick another second to figure it out "You
asshole," Nick finally laughed"That was just so good Bro I could
help but watch," Drew came up"You knew he was out here?" Nick asked"Yeah when I heard the elevator door open I knew Jeff was
back and that Mike would have been with him and I was about to say hi when I
saw him knock on you door." Drew smiledNick grabbed Drew and a soon the two of them were
wrestling."Nick can you russian illegal defloration
wait till we have eaten before trying to
make out with you brother?" I asked this sent Jeff and russian cam girl Justin in erotic russian photo sites another roar
of laughter and making both russian order Nick and Drew blush heavily."That was just sick," Nick retorted"Oh I don't know I could pay money to see the two of you
going at it," I smiled"UGGGHHH," Nick and Drew said at the same timeMaking us all laugh again."Let get out of here before I beat our new friend," Drew
said"Drew we don't even know him yet new russian incest pages and you already want to
beat him?" Justin asked chuckling"Ugh don't you start," Drew groanedWe went down to my Durango they too whistled once they saw
it."Would you like to drive Nick?" I asked"OH no I couldn't," Nick replied"I could," Drew said snatching my keysOnce on the road Jeff starts babbling about my home, "Guys
you won't believe but our friend here has a castle,""I do not," I said"Mike I have scene mansions smaller then you home," Jeff
came back"So how big is it?" Justin asked"It is huge he took two twin houses and united them both.
To form a monster of a home," Jeff glowedThe guys just looked at me."Is there something we nude russian athletes female
should know about you?" Drew asked
from the front"No let just say I know how to make the rules work for
me," I smiledThe guys just laughed"So where are we going anyway?" I asked"I don't know we just drove off really," Drew said
honestlyI just sat back and smiled. For the first time in years I
could smile.For most petite russian pink incest of the ride the five of use played the get to
know you game. Drew finally stopped at a restaurant it was one of many Italian
restaurants that Philly has. We were seated by the waitress she asked, "Is
there anything I can get you to drink?"Nick looked at the drink menu, as did the rest of us."I will have a Sprite," I answered"I will have cup of coffee," Drew answered"I like a Long Island ice-tea," Nick replied"I too will have a Sprite," Jeff answered"I will have Coke," Justin said"Very good," She said taking the orders and walking away.I got a ping from the Mother something was wrong with
Nick."So Mike I have to ask last night you said you had a
connection with the Earth what did you mean russian mafia drug trafficking by that?" Jeff asked"Well first it not connection like a mutant would have," I
startedThey all turned to me "It is like have a connection with
God like some Christian will tell you. For a long time I have xxx russian sex always believed
that our world had a Soul just as we did, and in my greatest hour of need I
called to her and she answered me." I told themI looked Jeff he didn't look happy for some reason."I am not telepathic if that is what you are worried
about. But I am very aware of messages that the Earth sends out." I told him.He seemed to relax fuck in russian Nick on the other hand seemed just
worried. I looked into his eyes I could sense trouble from him. It wasn't
hatred but great sadness as if his whole world had come crashing in on him.I could feel for him. The waitress brought us our drinks.
The whole table was tensing up for whatever reason the guys were looking more
at Nick then anything else. He drank his alcoholic beverage rather quickly then
one would in normal circumstances."Have you guys decided on what you wanted yet?" the
waitress askedWe ordered the waitress went off to have our orders made."If you guys will excuse me I need to use the head," I
told themI got up and went to the restroom and splashed some water
on my face clearing my thoughts free nude russian wallpapers `Mother what is wrong my senses are being over
run sexy russian butts here I know it is not my place but something pussy jpg russian is terrible wrong here,' I
sent to the worldI came back out of the bathroom to see the guys still in
their current state of mood."Alright no body move!" A masked man orderedI was shaken out of my trance I looked up at the man."I will give you a choice sir drop that gun turn around
and leave or be made a fool in front of these people," I told him"Sit down!" He ordered me."I take orders from only one other person sir and that is
the Almighty," I saidI grabbed a pan then angle it just right to reflect the
light right into his eyes he put his hand over his eyes, and I charged him. As
soon as I got to him I relieved him of his gun and had him on the deck in about
six seconds. The restaurant cheered as I grabbed a power cord and hogtied him
one of the waiters called the police and I went back to our table the manager
came up to the table "Sir thank you very much your meals are on the house," He
said"While the rest hear could live with that I could not I
didn't do that to be rewarded Sir, I am a soldier Sir and if russian flexigirls and contortion I did that I would
dishonor myself so I will pay for at least my meal." I told him"But Sir you put yourself in danger up russian lolta sex there when you
didn't need to." The Manager protested"Wouldn't be the first time," I told him"But it would look bad on us if I let you out of here with
out some sort of payment," He said"Then my friends here can reap the benefits if it will
help," I told himThe guys were about to protest when the Manager said
"Done," and walked off"That is the first time I have heard of some one turning
down a free meal," Drew said with surprise."And it won't be the last I am an honorable person I
already got my reward I have the four of you as friends and I couldn't ask for
more." I told him"Hey and thanks to you we can eat for free," Justin smiledThe food came and we ate."Weren't you at least afraid up there?" Nick asked"I was more worried about the people in this establishment
then my own welfare." I told him"Come on you had to have some sort of fear," Drew said"I do my greatest fear is failure, if I hadn't stopped him
I would have let you guys down and people could have gotten hurt. I couldn't
live with myself if I had done nothing," I told him."You are the strangest person I have ever met," Jeff said."Why thank you," I smiledOnce we were done the waitress brought me my check, which
Drew ripped of my hand and russian naked sexy girle
before I could say anything he paid for it."Hey!" I laughed"What would you rob me the honor after you got me a free
meal?" He asked.I had to laugh at that. "I guess I will have get you free
meals more often then," I repliedWe went back to my SUV this time with me behind the wheel
and I asked "So what next?""I don't know lets just go some where not as exciting as
this place," Justin commented."Well what ever we do we better get there fast we are
about get hit by a thunderstorm," I said"Really how can you tell?" Drew asked"First you can smell it the area is surrounded by ozone."
I said"Second you see those trees?" I asked"Yeah," Jeff answered"Look at the leaves," I told him"I don't notice anything," Nick replied"If you notice the leaves russian illegal defloration
on those trees are turned so the
under side are exposed to the coming rain," I said"I see what he is talking about those leaves are facing
the sky," Drew said"When we stop and look the Mother shows many things, some
of it can't be explain russian porno free pics and some can be but she will let us know if something
like a thunderstorm is on the way." I explainedThey just shook their heads"Well I am bushed and I russian icon painting workshop can't speak for the guys but I
would like to see this house of yours Mike," Drew stated"Yeah what do you say Nick?" Jeff asked"Why not I xxx russian sex am sick of hotel air," Nick repliedI just nodded and we head for my places I had nothing to
hide from these people and I was really starting to like having them around.We pulled into the driveway of my home and we when in.I opened the door "Welcome home Sir," My home said"Hello BEATTI anything happen while I was out?" I asked"Nothing out of the ordinary although you nude russian date have hot russian redheads a message
from you base they need you to work tomorrow," BEATTI replied"Ok," I replied"Is there something you are not telling us?" Drew asked"What I have a knack with technology all I did was put a
few wires together hear and there," I smiled sheepishlyOnce all the way in there was a collective gasp as Nick,
Justin, and Drew took in the size of my home. It was amazing to see it myself
and I lived here for a week now.I called out, "Ok I have five other bedrooms for you to
choose from, and I have two bathrooms each fully equipped. Downstairs in the
basement I have a special room which I call the Holo-room in short it is the Enterprise's Holodeck for lack of better
explanation. You guys are welcome to use the place the kitchen is completely
stock for whatever you want expect for alcoholic beverages. I don't drink and I
will not have the stuff in my home." I said there was a sound of relief sighs
that came from Drew for whatever reason I couldn't be sure, but I had some idea
though.The guys each went to their russian women incest room I made my way to my
bookshelf where I pulled out my Bible and held it letting the feeling of
holding it course through me.I felt the energy flow through me like a mighty river
coursing down its path.
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